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Conditions We Treat


Patients that suffer from acne, whether occasional breakouts or chronic scarring acne, may feel the frustration of trying a number of methods to try to achieve clear skin. They may buy expensive skincare products, conceal their blemishes with makeup or feel self-conscious about their appearance due to the appearance of acne.


A number of factors contribute to acne and it can appear in many areas of the body including the face, back, and chest. Some patients, particularly females, may notice more acne flares in response to hormonal fluctuations. Patients with oily skin may be more prone to clogged pores and chronic breakouts. Some individuals may notice other factors such as diet affect the severity of their acne.


Over the counter or prescription acne creams can contain harsh chemicals that can be drying or irritating to the skin and not address the underlying cause of the acne in the first place. They can cause irritation or side effects in areas of the face or body where acne was not present in the first place.

Prescription medications such as Accutane can clear the skin but be toxic to the body, or require patients to go on birth control due to the toxic effects on a potential fetus. Some patients may not be able to, or want to, tolerate these effects and instead prefer to approach their acne from a more holistic treatment method.


I take a different approach. I avoid the toxic products and chemicals used in other treatments and instead use a naturopathic approach to care. I look at the whole body to figure out why it is pushing toxins out through the skin and not through the normal routes of elimination. This is ultimately the cause of acne; the body is excreting oils, toxins and waste, which is clogging the pores and presenting as inflamed areas of acne.


As a naturopathic doctor, I use sophisticated testing, thorough intake of symptoms and years of clinical experience to come up with a plan that will clear patients’ skin and helps rebalance the entire body in the process. I work to get to the root of a patient’s acne, and combat it from a preventive perspective, instead of just trying to treat it once it appears.


Patients sometimes underestimate the impact that overall health, such as diet and buildup of toxins in the body, can have on the skin. If the patient’s acne is worsened by hormonal imbalances, we may address that as well. Through my naturopathic doctor training in functional medicine testing, I have the ability to test for toxin build up in the body, as well as hormone levels, or food intolerances that could be manifesting through the skin.


I work with patients to create a manageable daily skin care routine and offer personalized nutritional counseling if diet is known to be a significant contributing factor to their acne flares. I work to provide a comprehensive solution to acne care, resolving hormone imbalances, oil production and detox issues, and improving overall nutrition to help our patients achieve the clear skin they’ve always dreamed of.

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