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Erin Kinney, naturopathic doctor, naturopathy, functional medicine, food allergies, adrenal stress, genetic testing, hormone testing, nutritional counseling
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Conditions We Treat


Anxiety can be crippling for those who live with it on a daily basis and patients can find it difficult to find relief. Living in a constant state of tension or worrying about the smallest things can take toll on both mental and physical health.


It can also creep into other areas of life, such as impacting the ability to sleep soundly, leading to gastrointestinal discomfort and distress, causing chest pain and tightness, increased muscle tension, increased blood pressure, and leading to a lack of time to eat well and exercise, ultimately leading to deterioration in overall health.


Treatments for anxiety, such as pharmaceuticals, may have adverse side effects that can affect libido or may be hard to stop taking. Natural approaches targeting anxiety still acknowledge that imbalances in neurotransmitters may be present, but try to correct these imbalances naturally through diet, exercise and holistic supplementation as necessary.


Beyond neurotransmitters and brain chemistry, anxiety may also be a manifestation of other physiologic body processes such as imbalances in stress hormones like cortisol, or a presentation of an overactive thyroid. A small level of anxiety is a necessary part of daily life to motivate us to action and serves a genuine purpose in response to biologic threats. However, once it reaches a certain level, instead of serving as a benefit it becomes detrimental to functioning optimally.


I strive to work with our patients to help them function at their best and want to assist them in gaining relief from their anxiety. I use sophisticated testing, thorough intake of symptoms and years of clinical experience to come up with a plan that will help relieve anxiety and rebalance the entire body in the process. I approach anxiety from a preventive perspective, combating the root of the issue to create a more harmonious balance overall, instead of simply trying to treat the individual symptoms of anxiety.


Patient’s sometimes underestimate the impact that overall health, such as diet and buildup of toxins in the body can have on the mind and anxiety. Through my naturopathic training in functional medicine testing, I have the ability to test for toxic build up in the body, as well as hormone levels. I use highly specialized testing to determine the underlying cause of anxiety. By testing neurotransmitter and cortisol levels, we can provide patients with targeted nutritional counseling and a supplemental plan to rebalance their body and reduce anxiety.


I seek to provide a comprehensive care approach that takes care of the entire patient, not focusing on just the mind, but acknowledging the importance of the mind-body connection when addressing anxiety. I work with patients to create a manageable daily routine that takes into account all of the many factors that contribute to anxiety so that they can reclaim control of their life and feel a sense of health and well-being.

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