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40: How to Find Consistency and Confidence in Your Exercise Routine with Emily Vendemmia
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Consistency and Confidence in Your Exercise Routine

40: How to Find Consistency and Confidence in Your Exercise Routine with Emily Vendemmia

Yoga has helped me become better equipped to deal with life’s stressors, and I know a lot of people and some of my patients can say the same thing!


My guest in this episode is one of those people! Emily Vendemmia, an extraordinary yoga instructor and studio owner in Annapolis, is joining me to talk all about it.


Emily discovered yoga in 2005, and she began taking classes at a local studio. At first, she would join class twice a week, but within six months, she was practicing every single day and sneaking out of work early to catch sessions. That’s when she realized that yoga had become the most important thing in her life.


She enrolled in a 9-week Yoga Teacher Training in 2006. Emily started teaching professionally immediately after graduation and she now teaches and owns her own studio True Moon Yoga. She has created multiple unique classes.


Emily’s approach to yoga remains ever focused on the balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, and release. Her classes focus on Vinyasa Flow, and fusion classes (HIIT with yoga). You can expect to move, sweat, and breathe. She also specializes in handstand training.


We talk about why yoga had such a large impact on Emily’s life but also about the benefits of exercise in general. If yoga is not your thing, you will love this episode too because we get into why exercise is such a vital piece of self-care


In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 


  • Yoga as a form of therapy to release stress, overwhelm, or anxiety
  • Why it’s so beneficial to be consistent with a yoga practice
  • How yoga builds mental, physical, and emotional resilience
  • Tips for staying motivated with your practice
  • Why you don’t need to push yourself that hard when you exercise
  • How to figure out what you like to do
  • The benefit of having an exercise community


From the physical benefits to the emotional and mental benefits of exercise, Emily and I cover it all throughout this conversation. I hope this episode leaves you feeling inspired and excited for your next workout, no matter what you choose to do!


If you are thinking about adding yoga to your routine, I highly recommend that you try it out! There are so many online classes if you are not in the Annapolis area, but you can also find a studio in your town!


Remember, whatever you choose to do for exercise, make sure that you enjoy it!


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