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144: Is Your Lymphatic System Holding You Back? Everything You Need to Know
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144: Is Your Lymphatic System Holding You Back? Everything You Need to Know

Is Your Lymphatic System Holding You Back? Everything You Need to Know

How well do you understand your lymphatic system? 

In this solo episode of The Dr. Kinney Show, I’m diving into this topic because it is a really important system and it doesn’t get talked about enough. 

Your lymphatic system has an impact on every single other system in the body, and if it isn’t in good health, it can be really hard to make progress in other areas of your health. 

Not seeing progress with weight loss? Hormone balancing? Rashes? Acne? Allergies? Digestion? Your lymphatic system could be to blame! 

When there is any type of stagnation in this drainage system, you are bound to have issues in other parts of your body. 

This is such an important episode because so many people don’t think to check out their lymphatic system when they see their healthcare provider, so I’m excited to dive in with you in this episode.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 


  • What your lymphatic system is and all of the jobs it has in your body
  • Why this system is so important for your overall health
  • What can cause a blockage in your lymphatics
  • How to improve your lymphatic drainage system
  • Signs of lymphatic stagnation


Your lymphatic system is one of the main ways your body starts the detoxifying system, so needless to say, it’s very important. I hope this episode helped you understand a little more about how to take care of your lymphatic health and how to clear any lymphatic blockages you might come across. 

If you want to check out the lymphatic drainage system tool we recommend and use in our office, you can check it out here! 


Resources Mentioned: 


Check out our favorite lymphatic drainage tool


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