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So effective, it is the second most commonly used form of medicine in the world (behind indigenous herbal medicine)!


Homeopathy is one of my favorite medicinal tools. I am not alone in this sentiment. In fact, it is so effective that it is the second most commonly used form of medicine in the world (behind indigenous herbal medicine).


Hundreds of millions of people in more than 80 countries use homeopathy, and it is part of the national health system in the UK, Germany, France, Brazil, and Mexico.


I love homeopathy, because it embodies the essence of our healing philosophy: it addresses disease at its root cause in such a way that long lasting and permanent relief from symptoms occurs. I also love to utilize homeopathy in our treatment plans because it is safe for everyone including infants and elderly, as well as pregnant or nursing moms.


Homeopathy is likely the safest medicine that exists. In its more than 200-year history, used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, there have been almost no reports of serious adverse effects and absolutely no deaths attributed to homeopathy. Unlike herbs and nutrients, homeopathy has no interactions with conventional drugs or surgical procedures and can be safely administered in almost any situation.


If the incorrect remedy is given, nothing will happen. The body only responds when the correct remedy is given. Therefore, patients often have nothing to lose by trying homeopathy to determine if it is a treatment method that brings them relief.


The naturopathic doctors at KinnCare are expertly trained in determining and administering the correct homeopathic remedies to patients. Due to the safety of this treatment method, it can often be used in combination with other naturopathic and holistic treatment modalities to create a comprehensive treatment plan that takes the whole body into consideration, aiming for overall bodily balance and self-healing.


Questions about how homeopathy can help rebalance your body? Call us today to learn more.


Homeopathic remedies are a form of nanomedicine. Each homeopathic remedy consists of nanoparticles diluted down from substances (animal, plant or mineral) that are uniquely different from herbs, over-the-counter (OTC) meds and prescription drugs.


They have greater bioavailability in the body and are absorbed on a cellular level that is unmatched with modern medicine. This is precisely why homeopathy holds so much power, has been used for so long and by so many people worldwide. It has a wonderful safety profile; the body can use the nanoparticles from the substances efficiently and this results in homeopathy effectively treating a number of conditions and symptoms.


The philosophy behind homeopathy is based on the idea that “like cures like”, meaning that a patient suffering from symptoms can be treated and cured by a nanoparticle dose of a homeopathic substance that is capable of producing similar symptoms in a healthy person.


The mechanism for how homeopathy works may be a little hard for patients to wrap their head around, but they quickly become believers once they see how it impacts their bodies in real life.

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