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I’ve created Optimal Harmony with empathy for the challenges we face as women. My compassion moves me to provide solutions to chronic health conditions women cope with. The connection we share stems from my very own battle. Being able to change the way my body responds to stress has allowed me to live a full life as a mother, practitioner, and entrepreneur.

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High Performance

Formulated with only pure ingredients to give you the strength needed to tackle your demanding days.

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Quality Ingredients

No junk. Treating your body as the temple that it is calls for real and authentic ingredients.

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Delicious Flavors

Clean restorative Protein Powders. Just a scoop with your favorite beverage to curb your appetite for artificial snacks and drinks.

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Can I take Thriving Thyroid with a thyroid medication my doctor has prescribed?

Yes, however, always consult with your medical practitioner.

Do you need a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism to take Thriving Thyroid supplements?

No, this supplement will support and boost your thyroid function at any state.

Does Harmonious Hormones help lower elevated estrogen levels?

Yes, it will help the liver break down elevated hormones.

Will Harmonious Hormones moderate PMS symptoms?


Is Harmonious Hormones safe to consume while taking an antidepressant?


Will Harmonious Hormones help balance hormones?


Does Harmonious Hormones improve libido (sex drive)?


Does Adrenal Assist help with adrenal fatigue?


Does Adrenal Assist increase low energy in the morning?


Does Adrenal Assist aid with my ability to focus?


Will Adrenal Assist improve libido (sex drive)?


What does Perfect Protein taste like?

We use monk fruit to sweeten our powder creating a balanced sweet, but not too sweet, taste. Chocolate can be paired delightfully with banana, or peanut and almond butters for a creamy chocolate delight. The vanilla flavor is best combined with strawberry and berry notes to create a tropical smoothie blend.

What is the consistency like?

By adding frozen fruit along with binding ingredients such as peanut or almond butter, an ice cream-like consistency is formed when adding 1-2 scoops of our powder.

Will Perfect Protein help me lose weight?

Combined with exercise and a nutritious diet, Perfect Protein can encourage weight loss by balancing blood sugar levels.

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